What is a Florida Room

Being a sunroom installer, what is a Florida room is one of the questions we receive the most.

A Florida Room is a room addition that is attached to your home and allows as much light in as possible. Florida rooms can be outfitted with screens or windows and can even be climate controlled. As you may have guessed they are very popular here in Florida, but usually you can find a reputable sunroom contractor anywhere in the United States.Depending on your demographics and what they are used for Florida rooms can be called Sunrooms, patio rooms, sun parlors, screen rooms or even a glass conservatories.

Florida Rooms are designed with multiple screens or windows and often a skylight to being in as much light as possible. Modern Florida rooms are built out of aluminum and insulated ceilings. Screens or windows allow fresh air & Light without the bugs, dirt or debris that might happen with a regular patio cover.

What are Florida Rooms Used For

A Florida Room as a sitting room for relaxing or for an entertainment room. You can use it as an outdoor patio, or even as a child's playroom. My personal use here in florida is using it as an adjoining room for our outdoor pool. It provides my family with a drying space before we go inside. Whatever your use, our modern Florida rooms create a seamless addition from indoor living to outside entertaining.

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