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Horizon opened in Pensacola as Horizon Sunrooms & Spas, Inc. and became incorporated in 1995. In the next 13 years Horizon excelled in the glass Sunrooms. After the financial collapse in 2008 where everybody lost their financing Horizon was forced to diversify it's products to ones that did not require financing. Horizon started a Bathroom Remodeling and an Aging In Place division. In reviewing the company P&L’s of 2016 we saw a steady decline in work. After much research we discovered that the public was not associating our new products with our name. After a meeting we decided to open Horizon Home Remodeling, Inc. in 2016. work started to go up. During the fourth quarter of 2017 the President’s health started to decline and By July of 2018 his health was not improving so he sold all trademarks and closed the company. The new company Horizon Improvements, Inc. opened in 2018 with the existing staff to carry on the name and excellent service & skills.

12 Months No Interest / No Payments Financing Available