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Pensacola Screen Rooms

Keeping the mosquitoes out since 1994.

With a Screen Room. Horizon Improvements has been helping clients in the Pensacola area add beautiful, functional and economic screen rooms to their homes for years. When we screen a room, we ensure that it matches the style of your home, so when finished you are left with a functional screen room addition that matches your home and style. Our home remodeling contractors will also consult extensively with you to ensure your new screen room fits your usage requirements and matches your design specifications as closely as possible.

Looking For A Screen Room?

Features & Benifits

Screen Rooms Keeps The Critters Out

Gnats, mosquitoes, flies, ticks oh my

They suck. Literally. Keeping these guys out is a breeze with a screen room, that shields you and your family from these flying and hopping buzz kills.

Increased Property Value

Adding Square Footage

Installing a screen room or an addition like a sunroom will give you and your family a little more wiggle room, while potentially raising the value of your home.

Protection From The Outdoors

Rains, Winds, Sun

No that's not a new band but here in florida the elements can be a little strong, mildewed furniture is pretty common while a sunburn is even more. A Screened in Room is great protection from the elements and affordable as well.

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Screened Room Projects & Ideas in Pensacola & Surounding Areas

Pensacola Screened Rooms
Pensacola Screened Rooms
Pensacola Screened Rooms
Pensacola Screened Rooms
Pensacola Screened Rooms
Pensacola Screened Rooms

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