Walk-in Tubs Pensacola & Surrounding Areas: Luxury & Safety Matters

Pensacola Walk-in tubs

TAKING A BATH IN A Walk-in TUB IS A SOOTHING AND RELAXING EXPERIENCE FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES AND RANGES OF MOBILITY. Our bathroom remodeling experts can install deep soaking walk-in tubs with showers that improve your quality of life. Everyone deserves a soothing and relaxing bathing experience after a long day. Yet many suffer from mobility problems, pain, and other health issues that make using a standard tub unsafe, uncomfortable, or completely impossible.

With a Walk-in tub installation, everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience. There's nothing like feeling the heat of the water as it massages the aches away.

Call Horizon Improvements today for a free, no-obligation consultation on a Walk-in tub today. We have everything you are looking for in a full line of quality tub/shower combos, walk-in showers, and walk-in tubs in Pensacola. Financing is available.

Why a Walk-in Tub?

Fetures & Benifits

Wellness & Healing

Our Walk-In Tubs have the lowest threshold available and a comfortable reclining seat. Instead of sinking down into a tub that's hard to get out of, you'll have an easy to use opening and a relaxing ADA compliant seat.

Many people prefer to use a shower, so we carry walk-in showers and shower/tub combos too. They are low-entry handicap accessible with handrails and grab bars. The combo fixture has easy to reach controls, massaging water jets, a shower wand, and a personal hygiene bidet. It's everything you need for a therapeutic and convenient bathing experience.

Even when the only thing going on is a few aches and pains, the walk-in tubs and showers we carry will enhance the safety and comfort of your bathing experience. If you've ever dreamed of having a luxury spa in your own home, there's no time like the present!

Functional & Luxurious Bathing Experience

With the challenges ever present as we age, bathing can become cumbersome and even dangerous. A fall that breaks a hip or ankle can incapacitate any individual for months on end. Safety is of the highest concern when transferring in and out of a shower or tub.

With tour walk-In tubs and Showers, you don't have to sacrifice functionality for luxury. Our Walk-in tubs have the power to completely clean and relax you safely.Horizon walk-In tubs and showers come with a variety of soothing or invigorating therapeutic options.

Some Walk-in Tub Options

Luxurious bells & whistles

  • Hydromassage
  • Air Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromotherapy
  • Ozone Purification
  • Bathing Pillows
  • Shower slide bar, chrome plated with solid brass construction
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Microbubble Technology
  • What's your project?

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    Walk-in Tub Ideas & Projects

    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs
    Pensacola Walk-in Tubs

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