Bathroom Remodels: Tub to Shower Conversions for Pensacola and surrounding areas

Look, not every bathroom has both a shower and tub. A bathtub and shower head combo is pretty much standard in most of today’s bathrooms. Thing is, for a lot of people it just plain inconvenient . Even if you can get out of the bathtub easily, it’s not enjoyable.  Bathtubs narrow and the base is curved. The shower curtain gets stuck getting water all over the floor and worst case you slip on the concave walls of the bathtub.

Taking a shower should be enjoyable, not something that cramps your style.

If you hate your bathtub and would rather have a shower, consider a tub to shower conversion. Call us at 850-969-0697 for  or fill out our form a free estimate on your next bathroom remodel

This is a really great way to open up the space so you can shower comfortably. If you rarely or never use the tub, it could be just what you need. There are a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. We can install a threshold-free shower for easy access. We can install a shower caddy tower, bench seat, corner seat, corner shelves, safety bars, and recessed soap dish. Call and tell us about the shower design you’ve been dreaming of and let’s get rid of that old tub.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Company offers tub to shower conversions to Escambia county and surrounding areas. Of course, we can also replace floors, toilets, and sinks for a complete makeover.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Convert a Tub to a Shower

Low threshold Shower Projects

If your looking for a Tub to Shower in Pensacola, Milton, Cantonment, Navarre or any other surrounding area call 850-969-0697 or fill out this form! No payments or interest for twelve months.

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